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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

Annie Get Your Gun
Marquis Theatre, 1535 Broadway, New York, NY

Marquis Theatre (3/4/1999 - 9/1/2001)
Musical Director: John Mulcahy.

Company Manager: J. Anthony Magner; Assistant Co. Mgr: Maggie Edelman; Company Manager: Richard Biederman; Associate Co. Mgr: Dean Strober.

Stage Manager: Rick Steiger; Production Stage Manager: Kristen Harris; Stage Manager: Michelle Bosch; Production Stage Manager: Richard Hester; Stage Manager: Lara K. Powell.

Trumpet II: Kamau Adilifu; Trumpet III: Elaine Burt; Drums: Steve Bartosik; Woodwinds I: Jack Bashkow; Woodwinds III: Richard Shapiro; Woodwinds V: Ernest Schefflein; Associate Conductor: John Mulcahy; Synthesizer: John Mulcahy.

Casting: Stuart Howard, Amy Schecter, Howard Meltzer.


Matt Allen Ensemble (circa. Jun 2001-circa. Aug 2001) 
Cleve Asbury "Moonshine Lullaby" Trio  
Jenny Rose Baker Jessie
Annie's Sister 
Brent Barrett Frank Butler (? - Jun 22, 2001) 
Crystal Bernard Annie Oakley (Jun 23, 2001-Sep 1, 2001) 
Michelle Blakely Dolly Tate  
Eddie Brandt Little Jake
Annie's Brother 
Dana Lynn Caruso Ensemble  
 Sylvia Potter-Porter  
Patrick Cassidy Frank Butler  
Christopher Councill Col. Wm. F. Cody
Buffalo Bill 
Craig D'Amico Tommy Keeler  
Randy Donaldson Tommy Keeler  
Deanna Dys Ensemble  
 Mrs. Schyler Adams  
David Eggers Ensemble  
Jenifer Foote Ensemble (Aug 5, 2001-Sep 1, 2001) 
 Hoop Dancer (Aug 5, 2001-Sep 1, 2001) 
Justin Greer "Moonshine Lullaby" Trio  
Jaymes Hodges Ensemble  
Hollie Howard Ensemble  
Emily Hsu Ensemble  
Adrienne Hurd Hoop Dancer  
Nicholas Jonas Little Jake
Annie's Brother 
Dennis Kelly Col. Wm. F. Cody
Buffalo Bill 
Cheryl Ladd Annie Oakley  
Susan Lucci
During Bernadette Peter's vacation 
Annie Oakley (Dec 23, 1999-Jan 16, 2000) 
Reba McEntire Annie Oakley (? - Jun 22, 2001) 
Claci Miller Winnie Tate  
Brian Minyard Mac
Property Man 
 Running Deer  
Kimberly Dawn Neumann Ensemble  
 Sylvia Potter-Porter  
Brian O'Brien "Moonshine Lullaby" Trio  
Carolyn Ockert-Haythe Ensemble  
Kerry O'Malley Dolly Tate  
Ashley Rose Orr Nellie
Annie's Sister 
Lisa Marie Panagos Ensemble (Apr 6, 2001-Sep 1, 2001) 
Blaire Restaneo Nellie
Annie's Sister 
Emily Rozek Winnie Tate  
Rommy Sandhu Ensemble  
Tom Schmid Ensemble  
Property Man 
 Running Deer  
Conrad John Schuck Col. Wm. F. Cody
Buffalo Bill 
Eric Sciotto Tommy Keeler  
Larry Storch Chief Sitting Bull  
Gerry Vichi Foster Wilson  
 Major Gordon Lillie
Pawnee Bill 
David Villella "Moonshine Lullaby" Trio  
Tom Wopat Frank Butler (Jun 23, 2001-Sep 1, 2001) 
Kent Zimmerman Ensemble  

Swing: Brian Shepard.

Standbys: Michelle Blakely (Annie Oakley, Dolly Tate), David Hess (Frank Butler, Col. Wm. F. Cody, Foster Wilson), Karyn Quackenbush (Annie Oakley, Dolly Tate).

Understudies: Matt Allen (Charlie Davenport), Cleve Asbury (Charlie Davenport), Jenny Rose Baker (Little Jake), Michelle Blakely (Annie Oakley, Dolly Tate), Dana Lynn Caruso (Winnie Tate), Deanna Dys (Dolly Tate), Jaymes Hodges (Chief Sitting Bull), Hollie Howard (Winnie Tate), Kate Levering (Winnie Tate), Carlos Lopez (Chief Sitting Bull), Kimberly Dawn Neumann (Winnie Tate), Brian O'Brien (Foster Wilson, Major Gordon Lillie), Kerry O'Malley (Annie Oakley), Blaire Restaneo (Little Jake), Jewel Restaneo (Jessie, Nellie), Alice Rietveld (Winnie Tate), Rommy Sandhu (Tommy Keeler), Tom Schmid (Chief Sitting Bull, Col. Wm. F. Cody, Frank Butler).

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