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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

Rodgers + Hammerstein's Cinderella
Broadway Theatre, 1681 Broadway (W. 53rd St.), New York, NY

Broadway Theatre (3/3/2013 - Present)
Musical Director: Constantine Kitsopoulos.

Assistant Director: Ryan Domres.

Assistant Co. Mgr: Holli Campbell.

Assistant Stage Mgr: Zac Chandler; Stage Manager: Zac Chandler; Assistant Stage Mgr: Jennifer N. Rogers.

French Horn: Aaron Korn; Conducted by Constantine Kitsopoulos; Assistant Conductor: Lawrence Goldberg; Oboe/English Horn: Laura Covey; French Horn: Eric Reed; Trombone/Bass Trombone: Mark Patterson; Musician: Shinwon Kim (Violin:); Bass: Peter Donovan.

Dance Captain: Kirstin Tucker; Assistant Dance Captain: Brandon Leffler, Cody Davis.


Jill Abramovitz Madame (Jan 28, 2014-Feb 2, 2014) 
Todd Buonopane Jean-Michel (Jan 28, 2014 - ?) 
Joe Carroll Topher (Jan 28, 2014 - ?) 
Kaitlyn Davidson Ensemble (Jan 28, 2014 - ?) 
 Ella Alternate  
Fran Drescher Madame (Feb 4, 2014-Jun 29, 2014) 
Paige Faure Ensemble  
 Ella (Jun 13, 2014-Sep 7, 2014) 
Leslie Donna Flesner Ensemble  
 Lady of Ridicule  
Stephanie Gibson Gabrielle (Jan 28, 2014 - ?) 
Jessica Hershberg Ensemble (Jan 7, 2014 - ?) 
 Fox (Jan 7, 2014 - ?) 
 Ella Alternate  
Laura Irion Fox  
Carly Rae Jepsen Ella (Feb 4, 2014-Jun 8, 2014) 
Sam Lips Ensemble  
Nathan Lucrezio Woodland Creature  
 Ensemble (Jan 10, 2014 - ?) 
Rebecca Luker Marie
The Fairy Godmother 
(Sep 6, 2013-Jan 19, 2014) 
Shina Ann Morris Ensemble  
Alessa Neeck Ella (Jan 28, 2014-Feb 2, 2014) 
 Ella Alternate
(Feb 4, 2014-Feb 16, 2014) 
Nancy Opel Madame (Jun 30, 2014-Sep 7, 2014) 
Jeff Pew Ensemble (Jan 16, 2014 - ?) 
Catherine Ricafort Ensemble  
Adam Rogers Ensemble  
Conor Ryan Ensemble  
Cody Williams Raccoon  

Swings: Callan Bergmann, Cody Davis, Leslie Donna Flesner, Dan Horn, Brandon Leffler, Shina Ann Morris.

Understudies: Callan Bergmann (Driver, Footman, Raccoon, Woodland Creature), Kaitlyn Davidson (Ella, Gabrielle), Cody Davis (Driver, Footman, Raccoon), Paige Faure (Charlotte), Leslie Donna Flesner (Fox, Lady of Ridicule, Raccoon), Kendal Hartse (Charlotte), Jessica Hershberg (Ella), Dan Horn (Driver, Footman, Raccoon, Woodland Creature), Adam Jepsen (Raccoon), Brandon Leffler (Driver, Footman, Woodland Creature, Raccoon), Sam Lips (Topher), Nathan Lucrezio (Lord Pinkleton, Woodland Creature, Jean-Michel), Shina Ann Morris (Fox, Lady of Ridicule, Raccoon), Jeff Pew (Topher), Conor Ryan (Topher).

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