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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

A Little Night Music
Walter Kerr Theatre, 219 W. 48th St., New York, NY

Walter Kerr Theatre (12/13/2009 - 1/9/2011)
Associate Co. Mgr: Kathy Lowe, Joshua A. Saletnik.

Production Stage Manager: Joseph Sheridan.

Conducted by Rob Bowman; Cello Instruction: Mairi Dorman-Phaneuf.


Ron Bohmer Frid
Madame Armfeldt's butler 
(Sep 27, 2010-Jan 9, 2011) 
Stephen R. Buntrock Frid
Madame Armfeldt's butler 
(Aug 31, 2010-Sep 27, 2010) 
 Frederik Egerman (Sep 28, 2010-Jan 9, 2011) 
Ben Davis Mr. Lindquist (Aug 31, 2010 - ?) 
Bradley Dean Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm (Aug 31, 2010-Jan 9, 2011) 
Sara Jean Ford Mrs. Anderssen (Jul 13, 2010-Aug 29, 2010) 
Jessica Grové Mrs. Anderssen (Aug 31, 2010 - ?) 
Gina Lamparella Mrs. Segstrom  
Katherine McNamara Fredrika Armfeldt  
Bernadette Peters Desiree Armfeldt (Jul 13, 2010-Jan 9, 2011) 
Elaine Stritch Madame Armfeldt (Jul 13, 2010-Jan 9, 2011) 

Swings: Matt Dengler, Marissa McGowan, Justin Patterson.

Understudies: Heather Ayers (Desiree Armfeldt), Ron Bohmer (Frederik Egerman), Ben Davis (Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm, Frederik Egerman, Frid), Matt Dengler (Henrik Egerman), Sara Jean Ford (Anne Egerman, Petra), Jessica Grové (Anne Egerman, Petra), Gina Lamparella (Countess Charlotte Malcolm), Betsy Morgan (Desiree Armfeldt), Justin Patterson (Frid).

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