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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

Guys and Dolls
Martin Beck Theatre, 302 W. 45th St., New York, NY

Martin Beck Theatre (4/14/1992 - 1/8/1995)
Production Stage Manager: Clifford Schwartz; Stage Manager: Debora F. Porazzi; Assistant Stage Mgr: David O'Brien, Terrence J. Witter(Oct 25, 1994 - ?).

Conducted by Lawrence Yurman; Assistant Conductor: Steven Tyler.

Casting: Johnson-Liff & Zerman; Photographer: Martha Swope.


Jennifer Allen Martha
Mission Band 
 Miss Adelaide  
Bob Amaral Harry the Horse  
Adam Arkin Nathan Detroit  
Michael Arnold Guy  
Michael Berresse Crap Shooter Specialty  
Andy Blankenbuehler Guy  
 Havana Dance Specialty  
Michael Brian Angie the Ox  
 Joey Biltmore  
Jeff Brooks Nathan Detroit  
 Benny Southstreet  
Larry Cahn Nicely-Nicely Johnson  
Leslie Castay Martha
Mission Band 
Michelle Chase Doll  
Kim Crosby Martha
Mission Band 
 Sarah Brown  
Lloyd Culbreath Guy  
Christopher F. Davis Guy  
Tina DeLeone Mimi  
Jamie Farr Nathan Detroit (Mar 15, 1994 - ?) 
Pascale Faye Doll  
Louisa Flaningam Agatha
Mission Band 
 General Matilda B. Cartwright  
Aldrin Gonzalez Guy  
Michael Goz Big Jule  
Adam Grupper Benny Southstreet  
Jonathan Hadary Nathan Detroit (May 17, 1993 - ?) 
Dale Hensley Guy  
 Rusty Charlie  
Leah Hocking Sarah Brown  
Ron Holgate Big Jule  
JoAnn M. Hunter Havana Dance Specialty  
Kenneth Kantor Guy  
Jennifer Lamberts Doll  
Darren Lee Crap Shooter Specialty  
Heather Lee Martha
Mission Band 
Nancy Lemenager Havana Dance Specialty  
Conrad McLaren Arvide Abernathy  
Stephen Mendillo Lt. Brannigan  
Carolyn Mignini Sarah Brown Was replaced in previews  
Susan Misner Doll  
Burke Moses Sky Masterson (Apr 12, 1993 - ?) 
Stan Page Guy  
Michael Paternostro Guy  
Vince Pesce Guy  
Holly Raye Doll  
Susan Rush Agatha
Mission Band 
Kirk Ryder Crap Shooter Specialty  
Jere Shea Drunk  
Tim Shew Guy  
 Rusty Charlie  
Steven Sofia Guy  
Sergio Trujillo Guy  
 Havana Dance Specialty  
Martin Vidnovic Sky Masterson  
Jerome Vivona Guy  
 Dancer (Jan 1994-Sep 1994) 
Wade Williams Drunk  
Scott Wise Rusty Charlie  
Tom Wopat Sky Masterson (Oct 12, 1992 - ?) 

Swings: Randy Bettis, Michelle Chase, Dale Hensley, Kirk Ryder.

Understudies: Michael Brian (Benny Southstreet, Nicely-Nicely Johnson), Michelle Chase (Agatha, Martha), Kim Crosby (Agatha, Sarah Brown), R. F. Daley (Rusty Charlie), Leslie Feagan (Arvide Abernathy), Louisa Flaningam (General Matilda B. Cartwright), Susann Fletcher (General Matilda B. Cartwright, Miss Adelaide), Dale Hensley (Rusty Charlie), Leah Hocking (Agatha, General Matilda B. Cartwright, Miss Adelaide, Sarah Brown), Kenneth Kantor (Big Jule), Heather Lee (Agatha, General Matilda B. Cartwright, Miss Adelaide), John MacInnis (Rusty Charlie), Greta Martin (Mimi), Mari Nelson (Sarah Brown), Marni Nelson (Agatha, Martha, Sarah Brown), Stan Page (Lt. Brannigan), Steve Ryan (Nathan Detroit), Kirk Ryder (Calvin), Jere Shea (Sky Masterson), Jerome Vivona (Hot Box MC), Wade Williams (Sky Masterson).

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