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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

Crazy For You
Shubert Theatre, 225 W. 44th St., New York, NY

Shubert Theatre (2/19/1992 - 1/7/1996)
Company Manager: David Auster, Richard Biederman; Assistant Co. Mgr: Percy Gibson; Company Manager: Frank Lott(Jul 4, 1994-Jan 9, 1995), Susan Bristow; Assistant Co. Mgr: Sean Free.

Production Stage Manager: John Bonanni; Stage Manager: Brian Meister.

Assistant Conductor: Patrick Brady, David Brown; Orchestra Contractor: John J. Moses.

In fond memory of R. Tyler Gatchell, Jr..


Robert Ashford   
James Brennan Bobby Child  
Melinda Buckley Tess  
Carleton Carpenter Everett Baker  
 Bela Zangler  
Al Checco Bela Zangler  
 Everett Baker  
Ann B. Davis Mother  
James Doberman Ensemble  
Gary Douglas Ensemble  
The Manhattan Rythm Kings 
Rebecca Downing Patsy  
Michael Duran Ensemble  
The Manhattan Rythm Kings 
Deanna Dys Vera (Jun 15, 1992 - ?) 
Sandy Edgerton Patsy  
Alan Gilbert Ensemble  
The Manhattan Rythm Kings 
Ida Gilliams Ensemble  
Kimberly Hester Ensemble  
Seán Martin Hingston Ensemble  
Roger Horchow Bela Zangler  
 Everett Baker  
John Jellison Bela Zangler  
 Everett Baker  
Daren Kelly Lank Hawkins  
Shannon Lewis Ensemble  
Broadway debut Vera  
Jill Matson Ensemble  
Broadway debut Patsy  
Kay McClelland Irene Roth  
Elizabeth Mills Elaine  
Stephen Reed Ensemble (Apr 21, 1995-Jan 7, 1996) 
 Wyatt (Apr 21, 1995-Jan 7, 1996) 
Angie L. Schworer Betsy  
Joan Leslie Simms Ensemble  
Colleen Smith Wallnau Patricia  
Wendy Waring Ensemble  
John M. Wiltberger Ensemble  
Branch Woodman Ensemble  
Broadway debut Mingo
The Manhattan Rythm Kings 
James Young Custus  
Pia Zadora Irene Roth  
Karen Ziemba Polly Baker  
Leigh Zimmerman Betsy  

Swings: William Alan Coats, Stacey Todd Holt, Angelique Ilo, Scott Taylor, Leigh-Anne Wencker Broadway debut.

Standbys: Karen Culp (Polly Baker), Christopher Wells (Bobby Child, Lank Hawkins).

Understudies: Karen Culp (Irene Roth), Michael Duran (Everett Baker), Pamela Everett (Irene Roth), Alan Gilbert (Everett Baker), Ida Gilliams (Tess), John Hillner (Lank Hawkins), Stacey Todd Holt (Bobby Child, Eugene), Angelique Ilo (Patricia, Mother, Tess), John Jellison (Bela Zangler, Eugene, Everett Baker), Stacey Logan (Polly Baker), Jill Matson (Polly Baker), Elizabeth Mills (Patsy, Polly Baker), Darcie Roberts (Irene Roth, Patricia, Polly Baker, Tess), Louise Ruck (Patsy), Angie L. Schworer (Patsy, Susie), Maryellen Scilla (Tess), Colleen Smith Wallnau (Mother), Wendy Waring (Irene Roth), Deanna D. Wells (Irene Roth, Polly Baker, Tess), John M. Wiltberger (Eugene), James Young (Bela Zangler, Bobby Child, Lank Hawkins), Leigh Zimmerman (Tess).

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