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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

The Will Rogers Follies
Palace Theatre, 1564 Broadway, New York, NY

Palace Theatre (5/1/1991 - 9/5/1993)
Assistant Co. Mgr: Elizabeth M. Blitzer.

Stage Manager: Peter Wolf; Assistant Stage Mgr: Kimberly Russell.

General Press Representative: Richard Kornberg & Associates; Press Associate: Carol R. Fineman; Press Assistant: Don Summa, Tom Naro, Tim Johnson.


Susan Anton Ziegfeld's Favorite  
Amy Braverman Mary Rogers  
Kristi Cooke New Ziegfeld Girl  
Mac Davis Will Rogers (May 18, 1992 - ?) 
Heather Douglas New Ziegfeld Girl  
Brandon Espinoza James Rogers  
Robert Fitch Clem Rogers  
Tom Flagg Mr. Ziegfeld's Stage Manager  
 Wiley Post  
John Ganun Radio Engineer  
Larry Gatlin Will Rogers (Feb 16, 1993 - ?) 
Ganine Giorgione Betty's Sister  
 New Ziegfeld Girl  
 Will's Sister  
Amy Heggins New Ziegfeld Girl  
Kimberly Hester Betty's Sister  
 New Ziegfeld Girl  
 Will's Sister  
 Ziegfeld's Favorite  
Honey Wild West Show Dog  
Dana Leigh Jackson Betty's Sister  
 New Ziegfeld Girl  
 Will's Sister  
Troy Britton Johnson Radio Engineer  
Jeanne Jones Indian Soloist  
 New Ziegfeld Girl  
Robert Mann Kayser Will Rogers, Jr.  
Ron Kidd Wiley Post  
Jennifer Krater New Ziegfeld Girl  
LuAnn Leonard Betty's Sister  
 New Ziegfeld Girl  
 Will's Sister  
David M. Lutken Mr. Ziegfeld's Stage Manager  
 Wiley Post  
Marla Maples Ziegfeld's Favorite (Aug 3, 1992 - ?) 
Lynne Michele Betty's Sister  
 New Ziegfeld Girl  
 Will's Sister  
Tara T. Murphy Betty's Sister  
 New Ziegfeld Girl  
 Will's Sister  
Lisa Niemi Ziegfeld's Favorite  
Jason Opsahl Vaudeville Announcer  
Stephanie Pope New Ziegfeld Girl  
Nancy Ringham Betty Blake (May 18, 1992 - ?) 
Mickey Rooney Clem Rogers  
Angie L. Schworer Betty's Sister  
 New Ziegfeld Girl  
 Will's Sister  
Buddy Smith James Rogers  
Carol Denise Smith New Ziegfeld Girl  
Jeffrey Stern Freddy Rogers  
Kathy Trageser Betty's Sister  
 New Ziegfeld Girl  
 Will's Sister  
Susan Trainor New Ziegfeld Girl  
A. J. Vincent Will Rogers Wrangler  
Candace N. Walters Mary Rogers  
James Zimmermann Will Rogers, Jr.  

Swings: Patti D'Beck, Jennifer Stetor, Allyson Tucker.

Standbys: Tom Flagg (Wiley Post), Ashley McCray (Freddy Rogers, James Rogers, Mary Rogers), Eden Riegel (Freddy Rogers, James Rogers, Mary Rogers).

Understudies: Belle Calaway (Betty Blake), Mary Lee DeWitt (Ziegfeld's Favorite), Jack Doyle (Mr. Ziegfeld's Stage Manager, Wiley Post), Luba Gregus (Betty Blake, Ziegfeld's Favorite), Kimberly Hester (Ziegfeld's Favorite), David M. Lutken (Will Rogers), Stephanie Pope (Ziegfeld's Favorite), Buddy Smith (Will Rogers, Jr.), Leigh Zimmerman (Ziegfeld's Favorite).

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