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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

The Secret Garden
St. James Theatre, 246 W. 44th St., New York, NY

St. James Theatre (4/25/1991 - 1/3/1993)
Assistant Scenic Design: Mark Fitzgibbons, Judy Galin, Dennis Moyes; Assistant Lighting Design: Douglas Cox; Assistant Sound Design: Scott Sanders.

Stage Manager: Elisabeth Farwell.


Elizabeth Acosta Ayah (Apr 1992-Oct 1992) 
Philip Clayton William  
Jedidiah Cohen Dickon
Martha's brother 
David Elledge Captain Albert Lennox
Mary's father 
Austin Eyer Colin (Oct 17, 1992-Jan 3, 1993) 
Adam Grupper Dr. Neville Craven
Archibald Craven's brother 
Melody Kay Mary Lennox  
Lee Alison Marino Mary Lennox  
Audra Ann McDonald Ayah  
Howard McGillin Archibald Craven
Mary's uncle 
Kim Moore Captain Albert Lennox
Mary's father 
Amanda Naughton Betsy  
Lydia Ooghe Mary Lennox  
Priscilla Quinby Claire
Major Holmes' wife 
Brian Quinn Timothy  
Lance Robinson Colin  
Diedrich Stelljes Colin  
Laurie Gayle Stephenson Jane  
Marty Thomas Colin  

Swings: Betsy Friday, Romain Frugé, Priscilla Quinby.

Standby: Kimberly Mahon (Mary Lennox).

Understudies: Parker Conrad (Colin), Romain Frugé (Dickon, Fakir, Lieutenant Ian Shaw), Amanda Naughton (Martha), Priscilla Quinby (Alice, Mrs. Medlock, Rose), Laurie Gayle Stephenson (Lily), Michael Brien Watson (Captain Albert Lennox).

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