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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

Kiss of the Spider Woman
Broadhurst Theatre, 235 W. 44th St., New York, NY

Broadhurst Theatre (5/3/1993 - 7/1/1995)
Musical Director: Gregory J. Dlugos.

Ms. Williams' Makeup Designer and Artist: Kate Best.

Company Manager: Alan R. Markinson.

Production Stage Manager: Bonnie Panson; Stage Manager: Michael Pule; Assistant Stage Mgr: Dale Kaufman, Bonnie Metzgar.

Conducted by Gregory J. Dlugos; Assistant Conductor: Jeffrey Saver; Conducted by Ted Sperling; Assistant Conductor: Gregory Dlugos.

Dance Captain: Dan O'Grady; Assistant Dance Captain: Nancy Hess.


John Aller Prisoner  
 Window Dresser at Montoya's  
Maria Conchita Alonso Spider Woman / Aurora (Mar 20, 1995 - ?) 
Jeff Bannon Amnesty International Observer  
 Prisoner Emilio  
Juan Chioran  (1994 - ?) 
Darius de Haas   
Vincent D'Elia Prisoner Fuentes  
Robert DuSold Prisoner  
 Religious Fanatic  
Jeff Hyslop Molina  
Carol Lawrence Spider Woman / Aurora  
Howard McGillin Molina (Jun 6, 1994 - ?) 
Brian Mitchell Valentin  
Gregory Mitchell Aurora's Man  
Robert Montano Window Dresser at Montoya's  
Troy Myers Escaping Prisoner  
Raymond Rodriguez Tortured Prisoner  
Bob Stillman Amnesty International Observer  
 Prisoner Emilio  
Mimi Turque Molina's Mother  
Vanessa Williams Spider Woman / Aurora (Jun 27, 1994 - ?) 

Swings: Mark Bove, David Marques.

Standbys: Barbara Andres (Molina's Mother), Nancy Hess (Marta, Spider Woman / Aurora), Stephanie Pope (Marta, Spider Woman / Aurora).

Understudies: Vincent D'Elia (Esteban), Colton Green (Amnesty International Observer), Bob Stillman (Molina).

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