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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

Smokey Joe's Cafe
Virginia Theatre, 245 W. 52nd St., New York, NY

Virginia Theatre (3/2/1995 - 1/16/2000)

James Beeks Performer  
Matt Bogart Performer  
Terri Dixon Performer  
Lesley Gore Guest Star  
Colleen Hawks Performer  
D'Atra Hicks Performer  
Ben E. King Guest Star (Dec 15, 1998-Dec 27, 1998) 
Gladys Knight Guest Star  
Deb Lyons Performer (? - Jan 16, 2000) 
Robert Neary Performer  
Tony Orlando Guest Star  
Destan Owens Performer  
Billy Porter Performer  
Lou Rawls Guest Star  
Natasha Rennalls Performer  
Devin Richards Performer  
Rick Springfield Guest Star  
Jerry Tellier Performer  
Pam Tillis Guest Star  

Standbys: David Bedella (Performer), Michael-Demby Cain (Performer), Felicia Finley (Performer), Stacy Francis (Performer), Cee-Cee Harshaw (Performer), D'Atra Hicks (Performer), Ramona Keller (Performer), J. C. Montgomery (Performer), Paige Price (Performer), Natasha Rennalls (Performer), Devin Richards (Performer), Peggy Taphorn Understudy for Brenda Braxton and DeLee Lively (Performer), Carla Renata Williams (Performer), Virginia Ann Woodruff (Performer).

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