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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

Show Boat
Gershwin Theatre, 222 W. 51st St., New York, NY

Gershwin Theatre (10/2/1994 - 1/5/1997)
Associate Co. Mgr: Ken Davenport.

Stage Manager: Peter Wolf; Production Stage Manager: Craig Jacobs(1995-1997).

Conducted by Eric Stern; Assistant Conductor: Ethyl Will.


Renee Bergeron The Show Boat Ensemble  
John Cullum Cap'n Andy (1996 - ?) 
Michelle Dawson The Show Boat Ensemble  
Ralph Deaton Ensemble  
Keith Lee Grant   
Julia Gregory The Show Boat Ensemble  
Roberta Gumbel The Show Boat Ensemble  
Lorna Hampson Balcony Soloist  
Aldis Hodge
Broadway debut 
Clare Leach Ellie  
Beth Leavel Ellie  
Kim Lindsay Fan on the Levee  
Fred Love Steve  
Marilyn McCoo Julie  
John McMartin Cap'n Andy  
Kimberley Michaels The Show Boat Ensemble  
Cyndi Neal Ensemble (May 28, 1996 - ?) 
Daniel Nelson Ensemble  
Panchali Null Landlady  
Jeanette Palmer "Band on The Cotton Blossom" - Cymbals  
Hugh Panaro Gaylord Ravenal  
Sarah Pfisterer Magnolia  
Darcy Pulliam The Show Boat Ensemble  
Dominic Rambaran The Show Boat Ensemble  
Mark Santoro The Show Boat Ensemble  
Alonzo Saunders The Show Boat Ensemble  
Alex Sharp The Show Boat Ensemble  
Carole Shelley Parthy Ann Hawks  
Sheila Smith The Show Boat Ensemble  
André Solomon-Glover Joe  
Meg Tolin Kim  
Katherine Valentine Fan on the Levee (Nov 6, 1995-Jan 5, 1997) 
Joseph Webster The Show Boat Ensemble  

Swings: Sherrita Duran, Jeffery Ferguson, Kathi Gillmore, Conny Sasfai, Peggy Taphorn.

Understudies: Renee Bergeron (Kim), Michelle Dawson (Magnolia), Sherrita Duran (Ethel), Kathi Gillmore (Fan on the Levee), Roberta Gumbel (Julie), Fred Love (Gaylord Ravenal), Kimberley Michaels (Balcony Soloist, Julie), Amy Jo Phillips (Queenie), Darcy Pulliam (Landlady, Mother Superior, Old Lady on the Levee, Parthy Ann Hawks), Conny Sasfai (Fan on the Levee), Louise St. Cyr (Balcony Soloist), Katherine Valentine (Magnolia), Ann Van Cleave (Ellie, Lottie).

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