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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

Brighton Beach Memoirs
Alvin Theatre, 250 W. 52nd St., New York, NY
46th Street Theatre, 226 W. 46th St., New York, NY

Alvin Theatre (3/27/1983 - 2/24/1985)
Casting: Fran Kumin.


Royana Black Laurie Morton  
J. Patrick Breen Stanley Jerome (Aug 2, 1983 - ?) 
Maggie Burke Kate Jerome (Jan 29, 1985 - ?) 
Marissa Chibas Nora Morton  
Marilyn Chris Kate Jerome  
Jon Cryer Eugene Jerome (Sep 18, 1984 - ?) 
Anita Gillette Blanche Morton  
David Margulies Jack Jerome (Aug 20, 1984 - ?) 
Doug McKeon Eugene Jerome  
Robin Morse Nora Morton  
Mark Nelson Stanley Jerome (Dec 4, 1984 - ?) 
Elizabeth Perkins Nora Morton (Nov 27, 1984 - ?) 
Roger Raines Eugene Jerome (Aug 7, 1984 - ?) 
Fisher Stevens Eugene Jerome (Aug 2, 1983 - ?) 
Barbara Tarbuck Kate Jerome (Aug 1984 - ?) 
Elizabeth Ward Laurie Morton  
Kathleen Widdoes Blanche Morton  

Standbys: Marissa Chibas (Nora Morton), Jon Cryer (Eugene Jerome), Theresa Diane (Laurie Morton), Josh Hamilton (Eugene Jerome), Dorothy Holland (Blanche Morton, Kate Jerome), Robert Levine (Jack Jerome), Roger Raines (Eugene Jerome), Stanley Tucci (Stanley Jerome).

46th Street Theatre (2/26/1985 - 5/11/1986)
Theatre Owned / Operated by The Messrs. Nederlander, Irwin Meyer, Stephen R. Friedman.

General Manager: Robert Kamlot; Company Manager: Bruce Birkenhead.

Stage Manager: David Rubenstein; Production Supervisor: Martin Herzer.

Press Associate: Jim Baldassare; Photographer: Martha Swope; Management Assistant: Sammy Ledbetter, Linnea Sundsten, Brian Dunbar, Marlene DeSavino, Marie McKeon; Casting: Meg Simon, Fran Kumin.


Peter Birkenhead Stanley Jerome (Jul 30, 1985 - ?) 
Jennifer Blanc Laurie Morton  
Verna Bloom Blanche Morton  
Wendy Gazelle
Broadway debut 
Nora Morton (Mar 5, 1985 - ?) 
Dorothy Holland Kate Jerome  
Dick Latessa Jack Jerome (Apr 1985 - ?) 
Robert Leonard Eugene Jerome (Mar 4, 1986 - ?) 
Olivia Laurel Mates
Broadway debut 
Laurie Morton  
Mark Nelson Stanley Jerome  
Jonathan Silverman
Broadway debut 
Eugene Jerome (Jul 9, 1985 - ?) 
Nicholas Strouse Eugene Jerome (Jul 21, 1985 - ?) 

Standbys: Peter Birkenhead (Stanley Jerome), Donna Haley (Blanche Morton, Kate Jerome), Marc Riffon (Eugene Jerome), Louise Roberts (Nora Morton), Sarah Rose (Laurie Morton).

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