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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

Little Theatre, 240 W. 44th St., New York, NY

Little Theatre (5/21/1977 - 9/6/1981)
Hair Design by Peter Brett.

Production Stage Manager: James M. Arnemann.

Press Representative: Irene Gandy; Press Assistant: Francine L. Trevens.


Dennis Bailey Francis Geminiani  
Frank Biancamano Fran Geminiani  
Richard Boccelli Fran Geminiani  
Phillip Cates Francis Geminiani  
Barbara Coggin Lucille Pompi  
John Geter Randy Hastings  
Stephanie Gordon Lucille Pompi  
Lucinda Jenney Judith Hastings  
Kaye Kingston Lucille Pompi  
Wayne Knight
Broadway debut 
Herschel Weinberger  
Marilyn McIntyre Judith Hastings  
Warren Pincus Herschel Weinberger  
Bill Randolph Randy Hastings  
S. Edward Singer Francis Geminiani  
Lisa Sloan Judith Hastings  
Jennie Ventriss Bunny Weinberger  
 Lucille Pompi  

Understudies: Michael K. Klingher (Francis Geminiani, Herschel Weinberger, Randy Hastings), Jennie Ventriss (Lucille Pompi).

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