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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

St. James Theatre, 246 W. 44th St., New York, NY

St. James Theatre (4/30/1980 - 5/16/1982)
Circus Training by The Big Apple Circus.


Mike Burstyn Phineas Taylor Barnum (Oct 13, 1981 - ?) 
Marshall Coid White-Faced Clown  
Catherine Cox Chairy Barnum (Mar 3, 1981 - ?) 
SuEllen Estey Chairy Barnum  
 Jenny Lind  
Colleen Flynn Lady Aerialist  
Catherine Gaines Jenny Lind  
Fred Garbo Garver Pre-Show Entertainer  
Broadway debut Chief Bricklayer  
Richard Gervais Amos Scudder  
 Edgar Templeton  
R. J. Lewis Chester Lyman  
 Humbert Morrissey  
 Pre-Show Entertainer  
 Sherwood Stratton  
Dirk Lumbard Pre-Show Entertainer  
Terrence V. Mann James A. Bailey  
 Julius Goldschmidt  
 Ringmaster (Apr 14, 1981 - ?) 
Navarre Matlovsky Chief Bricklayer  
Robert Melvin Chester Lyman  
 Humbert Morrissey  
Barbara Nadel Pre-Show Entertainer  
Tony Orlando
During Jim Dale's vacation 
Phineas Taylor Barnum (May 5, 1981-May 25, 1981) 
Deborah Reagan Chairy Barnum  
Mary Testa Pre-Show Entertainer  
 Lady Juggler  
Kelly Walters Ringmaster  
Missy Whitchurch Lady Plate Balancer  
Lillias White
Broadway debut 
Joice Heth (Apr 14, 1981 - ?) 
Andrea Wright Lady Juggler  
 Mrs. Sherwood Stratton  

Standby: Jess Richards (Phineas Taylor Barnum).

Understudies: Fred Feldt (Ensemble), Colleen Flynn (Ensemble), Fred Garbo Garver (Tom Thumb), Steven Michael Harris (Amos Scudder), R. J. Lewis (Sherwood Stratton), Dirk Lumbard (Edgar Templeton), Terrence V. Mann (Phineas Taylor Barnum), Navarre Matlovsky (Ensemble), Sophie Schwab (Chairy Barnum, Jenny Lind), Mary Testa (Ensemble).

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