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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

Jersey Boys
August Wilson Theatre, 245 W. 52nd St., New York, NY

August Wilson Theatre (11/6/2005 - Present)
Associate Producer: Stage Entertainment.

Assistant Choreographer: Danny Austin; Assistant Director: West Hyler; Associate Director: West Hyler; Associate Choreographer: Kelly Devine, Danny Austin.

Associate Projection Design: Jason Thompson.

Associate Gen. Mgr: Flora Johnstone; Assistant Gen. Mgr: Lauren Freed; Associate Co. Mgr: Tim Sulka.

Stage Manager: Michael T. Clarkston; Assistant Stage Mgr: Rachel Wolff; Production Supervisor: Richard Hester; Production Stage Manager: Michelle Bosch; Stage Manager: Jason Brouillard; Assistant Stage Mgr: Michelle Reupert, Brendan M. Fay; Stage Manager: Michelle Reupert, Brendan M. Fay; Assistant Stage Mgr: Pamela Remler; Production Manager: Jeff Parvin; Assistant Stage Mgr: Jay Carey, Molly Meg Legal.

Conducted by Adam Ben-David; Keyboard 1: Adam Ben-David; Electric, Acoustic, 12-string guitars: Steve Gibb; Conducted by Andrew Wilder; Associate Conductor: Debra Barsha; Keyboards: Debra Barsha.

Assistant Dance Captain: Dominic Nolfi, Katie O'Toole; Dance Captain: Katie O'Toole; Assistant Dance Captain: Cara Cooper; Web Design: Curious Minds Media, Inc.; Fight Captain: Erik Bates; Marketing Associate: Ann E. Van Nostrand, Tony Lance; Promotions: Red Rising Marketing; Assistant Dance Captain: Jared Bradshaw.


Sebastian Arcelus Bob Gaudio (Jan 10, 2008-Jan 11, 2009) 
 Bob Gaudio (Jul 14, 2009-Oct 10, 2010) 
Miles Aubrey Norm Waxman
and others 
Erik Bates Hank Majewski
and others 
 Tommy DeVito (Oct 9, 2011 - ?) 
Bridget Berger Mary Delgado
and others 
Richard H. Blake Tommy DeVito (Jan 9, 2014 - ?) 
Matt Bogart Nick Massi (Sep 30, 2008 - ?) 
 Nick Massi (May 14, 2013 - ?) 
Candi Boyd Mary Delgado
and others 
Charl Brown Hal Miller
and others 
Joseph Leo Bwarie Frankie Valli Alternate
(Jul 30, 2013-Jan 26, 2014) 
 Frankie Valli (Jan 28, 2014-Jul 27, 2014) 
 Frankie Valli Alternate
(Jul 29, 2014-Oct 19, 2014) 
 Frankie Valli (Oct 21, 2014 - ?) 
Travis Cloer Ensemble (circa. May 2007 - ?) 
and others 
Kris Coleman Hal Miller
and others 
Cara Cooper Mary Delgado
and others 
Nick Cosgrove Frankie Valli Alternate
(Feb 8, 2014-Jul 27, 2014) 
 Frankie Valli Alternate
(Oct 21, 2014 - ?) 
John Michael Dias Frankie Valli Alternate  
Ken Dow Thug  
John Edwards Hal Miller
and others 
(Jul 5, 2011 - ?) 
 Hal Miller
and others 
Graham Fenton Frankie Valli (Oct 7, 2011 - ?) 
Heather Ferguson Lorraine
and others 
Russell Fischer Joey
and others 
(? - Jul 6, 2014) 
Frankie J. Galasso   
Natalie Gallo Mary Delgado
and others 
John Gardiner Tommy DeVito (Dec 3, 2013-Jan 8, 2014) 
Drew Gehling
Broadway Debut 
Bob Gaudio (Nov 19, 2009-Jan 3, 2010) 
 Bob Gaudio (Oct 9, 2012-Sep 21, 2014) 
Steve Gibb Thug  
Cory Grant
Wednesday and Saturday Matinees 
Frankie Valli Alternate  
Eric Gutman Hank Majewski
and others 
Tee Jaye Hal Miller
and others 
(Jun 14, 2011-Jun 26, 2011) 
Ryan Jesse Bob Gaudio (Oct 12, 2010-Oct 9, 2011) 
Rory Max Kaplan Hank Majewski
and others 
Andy Karl Tommy DeVito (Oct 11, 2011-Oct 7, 2012) 
 Tommy DeVito (Feb 12, 2013-Dec 1, 2013) 
Jeremy Kushnier Tommy DeVito (Oct 9, 2012-Feb 10, 2013) 
Michael Longoria
Wednesday and Saturday Matinees 
Frankie Valli Alternate
(circa. May 2007 - ?) 
 Frankie Valli (Nov 29, 2007-Sep 28, 2008) 
Renée Marino Mary Delgado
and others 
Kristofer McNeeley Hank Majewski
and others 
(Jul 31, 2012 - ?) 
Christopher Messina Joey
and others 
Ryan Molloy
Broadway debut 
Frankie Valli (Jul 29, 2014-Oct 19, 2014) 
Rashad Naylor Hal Miller
and others 
Dominic Nolfi Tommy DeVito (? - Sep 25, 2011) 
Joe Payne Thug  
Kyli Rae Lorraine
and others 
Andrew Rannells Bob Gaudio (Jan 13, 2009-Jul 12, 2009) 
Jessica Rush Lorraine
and others 
Dominic Scaglione Jr. Frankie Valli Alternate  
 Frankie Valli (Dec 31, 2012-Jan 10, 2013) 
 Frankie Valli (Jul 30, 2013-Jan 26, 2014) 
Nathan Scherich Nick Massi  
Kirsten Scott Lorraine
and others 
Matthew Scott Hank Majewski
and others 
Courter Simmons Bob Crewe
and others 
(Jan 10, 2012 - ?) 
Jarrod Spector
Broadway Debut 
Frankie Valli (Sep 30, 2008 - ?) 
 Frankie Valli (Oct 2, 2012-Dec 30, 2012) 
Colin Trahan Gyp De Carlo
and others 
Quinn VanAntwerp Bob Gaudio (Oct 11, 2011-Oct 7, 2012) 
 Bob Gaudio (Sep 23, 2014 - ?) 
Katie Webber Lorraine
and others 
John Lloyd Young Frankie Valli (Jul 3, 2012-Sep 30, 2012) 
 Frankie Valli (Jan 11, 2013-Feb 10, 2013) 
 Frankie Valli (Feb 26, 2013-Jul 28, 2013) 

Swings: Michelle Aravena, Brad Bass, Candi Boyd, Jared Bradshaw, Scott J. Campbell, Graham Fenton, John Hickman, Rebecca Kupka, Katie O'Toole, Mauricio Pérez, Nathan Scherich, Eric Schneider, Matthew Scott, Jake Speck, Taylor Sternberg, Colin Trahan.

Understudies: Miles Aubrey (Gyp De Carlo, Nick Massi), Brad Bass (Bob Crewe, Bob Gaudio, Tommy DeVito), Erik Bates (Bob Crewe, Tommy DeVito), Jared Bradshaw (Nick Massi, Bob Crewe, Bob Gaudio, Tommy DeVito), Joseph Leo Bwarie (Frankie Valli), Travis Cloer (Frankie Valli, Joey), Nick Cosgrove (Frankie Valli), Colin Donnell (Bob Gaudio, Hank Majewski, Nick Massi), Graham Fenton (Tommy DeVito), Russell Fischer (Frankie Valli), Cory Grant (Frankie Valli), Eric Gutman (Bob Gaudio, Nick Massi, Tommy DeVito), John Hickman (Bob Crewe, Gyp De Carlo, Nick Massi, Bob Gaudio), Rory Max Kaplan (Tommy DeVito), Donnie Kehr (Bob Crewe), John Leone (Bob Crewe), Kristofer McNeeley (Tommy DeVito), Christopher Messina (Frankie Valli), Dominic Nolfi (Joey, Tommy DeVito), Mauricio Pérez (Frankie Valli), Dominic Scaglione Jr. (Frankie Valli), Nathan Scherich (Bob Crewe, Bob Gaudio, Gyp De Carlo, Nick Massi), Eric Schneider (Frankie Valli, Joey, Tommy DeVito), Matthew Scott (Bob Gaudio, Frankie Valli, Tommy DeVito, Joey, Bob Crewe), Jake Speck (Bob Gaudio, Nick Massi, Tommy DeVito), Taylor Sternberg (Frankie Valli), Colin Trahan (Bob Crewe, Bob Gaudio, Gyp De Carlo, Nick Massi).

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