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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

They're Playing Our Song
Imperial Theatre, 249 W. 45th St., New York, NY

Imperial Theatre (2/11/1979 - 9/6/1981)
Musical Director: Richard Parrinello.

Company Manager: Maurice Schaded; Assistant Co. Mgr: Linda Cohen.

Stage Manager: Michael William Schaefer; Production Stage Manager: Martin Herzer; Stage Manager: Pat Trott; Production Supervisor: Philip Cusack; Production Stage Manager: Craig Jacobs(1981 - ?).

Musical Supervisor: Fran Liebergall.

Dance Captain: Andrea Green.


Diana Canova Sonia Walsk  
Stockard Channing Sonia Walsk  
Rhonda Farer Sonia Walsk  
Victor Garber Vernon Gersch (Aug 4, 1981 - ?) 
Anita Gillette Sonia Walsk  
D. Michael Heath Voice of Vernon Gersch  
John Hillner Voice of Vernon Gersch  
Dorothy Kiara Voice of Sonia Walsk  
Donna Murphy Voice of Sonia Walsk  
Tony Roberts Vernon Gersch  
Hal Shane Voice of Phil the Engineer  
Marsha Skaggs Sonia Walsk (Aug 4, 1981 - ?) 
Ted Wass Vernon Gersch  

Swings: Rhonda Farer, Pat Gorman, Andrea Green, Donna Murphy, Hal Shane.

Standbys: Ray Gill (Vernon Gersch), Pat Gorman (Sonia Walsk), John Hammil (Vernon Gersch).

Understudies: Rhonda Farer (Sonia Walsk), John Hillner (Vernon Gersch), Wayne Mattson (Voice of Phil the Engineer), Michael William Schaefer (Voice of Phil the Engineer), Hal Shane (Vernon Gersch), Greg Zadikov (Voice of Phil the Engineer).

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