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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

Oh! Calcutta!
Edison Theatre, 240 W. 47th St., New York, NY

Edison Theatre (9/24/1976 - 8/6/1989)
Production Supervised by Ron Nash; Assistant Choreographer: Cheryl Hartley.

Scenic Design by Harry Silverglat Darrow (Show was redesigned in 1980).

General Manager: Doris J. Buberl; Company Manager: Doris J. Buberl; Assistant Gen. Mgr: Tobias Beckwith; Executive Producer: Maria Di Dia.

Stage Manager: Ron Nash, Maria Di Dia.

Live Action Film by Ron Merk; Conducted by Norman Bergen, Ronnie Lawson.

Dance Captain: Ron Nash; Photographer: Martha Swope, Kenn Duncan; Production Associate: Karen Nagle.


Scott Baker Performer  
Deborah Bauers Performer  
Nannette Bevelander Performer  
Jacqueline Carol Performer  
Jerry Clark Performer  
Michael A. Clarke Performer  
Samuel D. Cohen Performer  
Danielle P. Connell Performer  
Richert Easley
Broadway debut 
Jacqueline Fay Performer  
Amy Fortgang Performer  
Charles E. Gerber Performer  
Philip Gibson Performer  
Robert Golden Performer  
Terry Hamilton Performer  
Cheryl Hartley Performer  
David Heisey
Broadway debut 
Mary Hendrickson Performer  
Jodi Johnson Performer  
Mary Kilpatrick Performer  
Charles Klausmeyer Performer  
Peter J. Lanigan Performer  
Tom Lantzy Performer  
Katherine Liepe Performer  
Nick Mangano Performer  
Gary Meitrott
Broadway debut 
William Mesnik
Broadway Debut 
Performer (circa. Feb 1979-circa. Aug 1979) 
Katherine Miller Performer  
Coline Morse Performer  
James E. Mosiej Performer  
Ann Neville Performer  
Billy Padgett Performer  
Vivian Paxton Performer  
Lee Ramey Performer  
Julie Ridge
Broadway debut 
Deborah Robertson Performer  
Louis Silvers Performer  
William Thomas Performer  
September Thorp Performer  
Norman Weiler Performer  
William Wright Performer  

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