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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

Sugar Babies
Mark Hellinger Theatre, 1655 Broadway & 237 W. 51st St, New York, NY

Mark Hellinger Theatre (10/8/1979 - 8/28/1982)
General Manager: Larry Goossen.

Production Stage Manager: Kay Vance.

Conducted by Larry Blank; Associate Conductor: Bill Grossman.

Dance Captain: Bob Heath; Assistant to the General Managers: Susan Sampliner(Dec 1980-1981).


Carol Ann Basch Ensemble: A Sugar Baby  
Joey Bishop
Replaced Mickey Rooney during his vacation 
Eddie Bracken Eddie (May 31, 1982 - ?) 
Chaz Chase Chaz  
Carole Cotter Ensemble: A Sugar Baby  
Michael Allen Davis Michael  
Kimberly Dean Ensemble: A Sugar Baby  
Laurie Diamond Ensemble: A Sugar Baby Alternate  
Kaylyn Dillehay Ensemble: A Sugar Baby  
Candy Durkin Ensemble: A Sugar Baby  
Phyllis Frew Ensemble: A Sugar Baby  
Maxie Furman Maxie  
Bob Heath A Member of the Gaiety Quartet  
Lesley Kingley Ensemble: A Sugar Baby  
Clare Leach Ensemble: A Sugar Baby  
Dirk Lumbard A Member of the Gaiety Quartet  
Ken Mitchell A Member of the Gaiety Quartet Alternate  
Melanie Montana Ensemble: A Sugar Baby  
Dana Moore Ensemble: A Sugar Baby  
Anita Morris
Replaced Ann Jillian 
Anita (Mar 1980 - ?) 
Regina Newsome Ensemble: A Sugar Baby  
Dorothy Stanley Ensemble: A Sugar Baby  
Jane Summerhays
Replaced Anita Morris 
Rip Taylor Rip (Jun 29, 1981 - ?) 

Standbys: Maxie Furman (Mickey), Jane Summerhays (Ann).

Understudies: Tom Boyd (Maxie), Maxie Furman (Sid).

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