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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

Sweet Charity
Palace Theatre, 1564 Broadway, New York, NY

Palace Theatre (1/29/1966 - 7/15/1967)
Musical Director: Jack Lee.

Dance Captain: Ray Chabeau.


Elaine Cancilla Nickie  
Ray Chabeau Ensemble  
 Football Player  
 Brother Ray  
Michael Davis Man with Dog  
Frank DeSal Ensemble  
Alice Evans Good Fairy  
 Woman with Hat  
Ronn Forella Ensemble  
 Ice Cream Vendor  
Helen Gallagher Charity  
Bick Goss Ballplayer  
Mickey Gunnersen Ensemble  
Curtis Hood Ballplayer  
Carolyn Kirsch Ensemble  
Peter Lombard Oscar  
Lynn Gay Lorino Ensemble  
 Career Girl  
Annie McGreevey
Broadway debut 
Dennis Nahat Ensemble  
 Young Spanish Man  
Louise Quick Ensemble  
Ilona Simon Ensemble  
Michael Vita Ensemble  
 Married Couple (man)  
Marie Wallace Ursula (Feb 14, 1966 - ?) 

Understudies: David Gold (Daddy Johann Sebastian Brubeck), Lynn Gay Lorino (Ursula), Louise Quick (Rosie), Charlene Ryan (Helene), Michael Vita (Vittorio Vidal).

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