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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

Baker Street
Broadway Theatre, 1681 Broadway (W. 53rd St.), New York, NY
Martin Beck Theatre, 302 W. 45th St., New York, NY

Broadway Theatre (2/16/1965 - 10/30/1965)

Robert Fitch One of the Killers  
Patricia Gosling Ensemble  
Eric Mason Ensemble  
Ross Miles One of the Killers  

Martin Beck Theatre (11/3/1965 - 11/14/1965)
Theatre Owned / Operated by The Martin Beck Estate.


Joe Bennett Wiggins  
Lois Castle Tavern Singer  
Larro Chelsi Ensemble  
Hugh Dempster Dr. Watson  
Marilyn D'Honau Ensemble  
Tina Faye Ensemble  
George Fisher Murillo  
John Grigas One of the Killers  
Daniel P. Hannafin Ensemble  
Harry Kalkanis One of the Killers  
Richard Marr Ensemble  
Richard Miller Ensemble  
Marie O'Kelley Ensemble  
Seymour Penzner Professor Moriarty  
Toni Reither Ensemble  
Mary Roche Ensemble  
Bob Scherkenbach Duckbellows  
Clive Thompson One of the Killers  
Ian Tucker Macipper  

Standby: Barbara Lang (Irene Adler).

Understudies: Larro Chelsi (Inspector Lestrade), John Grigas (Murillo), Peter Johl (Professor Moriarty), Alan Johnson (Duckbellows, Macipper, Nipper, Perkins), Richard Marr (Dr. Watson), Eric Mason (Captain Gregg), Richard Miller (Baxter), Bob Scherkenbach (Wiggins).

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