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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

Uris Theatre, 222 W. 51st St., New York, NY
Mark Hellinger Theatre, 1655 Broadway & 237 W. 51st St, New York, NY

Uris Theatre (3/18/1973 - 7/21/1973)
Book by Michael Stewart (Was replaced in previews).


Joshie Jo Armstead Sophie Was replaced in previews  
John V. Lindsay
Was in the show during "My City" number only 
Jerry Ryan (Mar 23, 1973-Mar 23, 1973) 

Mark Hellinger Theatre (8/1/1973 - 12/8/1973)
Sound Design by Dick Maitland, Bob Ring, Lou Gonzales.

Stage Manager: Marc B. Weiss; Assistant Stage Mgr: Gregory Christopher Fauss.

Assistant Conductor: Skip Redwine.


Richard Cooper Bayne Citizen of New York  
Chuck Beard Citizen of New York  
Pam Blair Citizen of New York  
Kenneth Carr Citizen of New York  
Richard Christopher Citizen of New York  
LaMonté Des Fontaines Sparkle  
Marcel Gamboa Citizen of New York  
John Gavin Jerry Ryan  
Marilyn Hamilton Citizen of New York  
Lee Hooper Citizen of New York  
Baayork Lee Baby Ballerina  
Debra Lyman Citizen of New York  
Barbara Monte-Britton Citizen of New York  
David Craig Moskin Julio Gonzales  
Frank H. Newell Citizen of New York  
Jimmy Roddy Citizen of New York  
Michael Serrecchia Citizen of New York  
Keith Simmons Citizen of New York  
Allan Sobek Citizen of New York  
Scott Stevenson Citizen of New York  
Frolic Taylor Citizen of New York  

Standby: Nicolas Coster (Jerry Ryan).

Understudy: Frank H. Newell (David).

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