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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

Imperial Theatre, 249 W. 45th St., New York, NY
Shubert Theatre, 225 W. 44th St., New York, NY

Imperial Theatre (1/6/1963 - 9/12/1964)
Musical Director: Oscar Kosarin, Robert McNamee, Milton Rosenstock.

Assistant to Mr. Schlissel: David Payne.

Assistant Conductor: Skip Redwine.


Linda Barrie Londoner  
Johnny Borden Londoner  
Bobbie Bradley Workhouse Boy / Fagin's Gang  
Helena Carroll Mrs. Corney
the Matron 
Lucille Cole Londoner  
Stuart Getz Workhouse Boy / Fagin's Gang  
Paul Kroll Workhouse Boy / Fagin's Gang  
Ronald Kroll Workhouse Boy / Fagin's Gang  
Ronnie Kroll Oliver Twist  
Bart Larsen Workhouse Boy / Fagin's Gang  
Joan Lombardo Bet  
Ruth Maynard Mrs. Sowerberry
wife of Mr. Sowerberry 
Blaise Morton Workhouse Boy / Fagin's Gang  
Jeffrey Neal Workhouse Boy / Fagin's Gang  
Paul O'Keefe Oliver Twist  
Jackie Perkuhn Workhouse Boy / Fagin's Gang  
George Priolo The Artful Dodger  
Robin Ramsay Mr. Sowerberry
the Undertaker 
Michael Roberts Londoner  
Terry Robinson Londoner  
Howard Ross Londoner  
Malcolm Taylor Workhouse Boy / Fagin's Gang  
Ann Tell Londoner  
Maura K. Wedge Nancy  
Gregg Weir Workhouse Boy / Fagin's Gang  

Understudies: Paul Kroll (The Artful Dodger), Ruth Maynard (Mrs. Sowerberry), Blaise Morton (Oliver Twist), Robin Ramsay (Fagin), Michael Roberts (Bill Sikes), Malcolm Taylor (The Artful Dodger), Ann Tell (Mrs. Corney, Mrs. Sowerberry).

Shubert Theatre (9/14/1964 - 11/14/1964)
Theatre Owned / Operated by The Shubert Organization.


Jimmy Merrill Workhouse Boy / Fagin's Gang (circa. 1964 - ?) 
Robin Ramsay Fagin  
Victor Stiles Workhouse Boy / Fagin's Gang  

Understudy: Victor Stiles (Oliver Twist).

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