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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

Happy Hunting
Majestic Theatre, 247 W. 44th St., New York, NY

Majestic Theatre (12/6/1956 - 11/30/1957)
Musical Director: Irving Actman.

Stage Manager: Paul Libin, Word Baker.

Press Representative: William Fields, Reginald Denenholz, Walter Alford; Casting: Word Baker.


Edward Becker Barman  
 Man Who Looks Like Farouk  
Cherie Burgess Dancer  
Al Craine Dancer  
Clifford Fearl Waiter  
 Harry Watson
a reporter 
Barbara George Singer  
Don Graham Sam
a photographer 
Marcia Hewitt Dancer  
Jack Konzal Dancer  
Richard Korthaze Wes
a photographer 
Bonnie Lawrence Singer  
Henry Lawrence Singer  
Jack Leigh Albert
a groom 
a photographer 
Gwen Lewis Dancer  
Jean Mattox Dancer  
Edith Meiser Maud Foley  
Eileen Moran Singer  
Carl Nicholas Charley
a photographer 
Jan Norris Beth Livingstone  
Jack K. Rains Joe
a photographer 
Mike Rayhill Jack Adams
a reporter 
Bill Richards Dancer  
a photographer 
Michael Roberts Singer  
Adriane Rogers Dancer  
Adolph J. Sambogna Dancer  
Sybil Scotford Dancer  
Marc Scott Dancer  
a groom 
Arthur Ulisse Charley
a photographer 
Nancy Van Rhein Dancer  
Dell Warner Singer  
Helene Whitney Margaret
a maid 

Understudies: Clifford Fearl (Harry Watson), Jane Johnston (Margaret, Mary Mills), Richard Korthaze (Newspaperman, Photographer), Henry Lawrence (Barman, Joseph, Police Sergeant), Betty Jane McGuire (Margaret, Mary Mills), Jack K. Rains (Harry Watson, Jack Adams, Newspaperman, Photographer), Mike Rayhill (Sanford Stewart, Jr.), Michael Roberts (Barman, Joseph, Police Sergeant), Charles Rule (Waiter), Adolph J. Sambogna (Albert, Terence, Tom, Waiter).

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