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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

Ziegfeld Theatre, 6th Avenue at W. 54th St., New York, NY

Ziegfeld Theatre (12/3/1953 - 4/23/1955)
Musical Director: Maurice Levine.

Stage Manager: James Wicker; Assistant Stage Mgr: Richard Vine.


Neile Adams Princess of Ababu  
Carmen Austin Singer  
 Slave Girl  
Gerald Cardoni Imam of the Mosque  
 The Bangle Man  
Francis Compton Omar  
Loren Driscoll Singer  
 The Bangle Man  
Clifford Fearl Hassan-Ben  
Ronnie Field Assiz  
 Third Beggar  
Ann Flood Slave Girl  
April Gaskins Dancer  
Phyllis Gehrig Dancer  
Arthur Hammond Muezzin  
Stuart Hodes Akbar  
William Johnson Public Poet, later called Hajj  
Ingeborg Kjeldsen Singer  
 Slave Girl  
Ingeborg Kjellsen Slave Girl  
Mario Lamm Wazir's Guard  
Nancy Lynch Dancer  
Bruce MacKay Second Policeman  
Elaine Malbin Marsinah
Haji's Daughter 
Ethel Martin Street Dancer  
George Martin Dervish  
Richard Oneto The Caliph  
Steve Reeves Attendant  
Don Rogers Muezzin  
Alan Smith Wazir's Guard  
Kirby Smith Chief Policeman  
Joanne Spiller Singer  
 Slave Girl  
Sandra Stahl Singer  
 The Widow Yussef  
Edward Thuren Attendant  
Ted Thurston Singer  
role oroginally called "The Merchant" 
 The Caliph  
Erica Twiford The Widow Yussef  
Prue Ward Princess of Ababu  
Don Weissmuller Dervish  
Jeane Williams Slave Girl  
Julie Wilson Lalume  
Doris Yarick Singer  

Understudies: Neile Adams (Princess of Ababu), Gerald Cardoni (Hassan-Ben), Clifford Fearl (Second Policeman), Arthur Hammond (The Caliph), Earle MacVeigh (The Wazir of Police), Ethel Martin (Princess Samaris of Bangalore), Carol Ohmart (Lalume), Richard Oneto (The Caliph), Kirby Smith (Jawan, The Wazir of Police, Public Poet, later called Hajj), Joanne Spiller (Lalume), Ted Thurston (A Peddler, Chief Policeman, First Beggar, Muezzin, Prosecutor), Don Weissmuller (Akbar, Assiz, Doorman, Third Beggar), Doris Yarick (Ayah to Zubbediya).

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