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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

Finian's Rainbow
46th Street Theatre, 226 W. 46th St., New York, NY

46th Street Theatre (1/10/1947 - 10/2/1948)
Conducted by Max Meth.


George Charles 1st Deputy  
Dorothy Claire Sharon McLonergan  
Charles J. Davis 1st Deputy  
Mary Dawson Diane  
James Grimes Other Child  
Sheila Guyse Singer  
 5th Sharecropper  
Regina Jouvin Other Child  
Beryl Kaye Susan Mahoney  
P.J. Kelly Finian McLonergan  
Pearl Lang Susan Mahoney  
Brayton Lewis 2nd Deputy  
 2nd Sharecropper  
Marijane Maricle Singer  
Norma Jane Marlowe Jane  
Ian Martin Finian McLonergan  
William McDaniel 2nd Geologist  
Coyal McMahan 2nd Passion Pilgrim Gospeleer  
Peggy Murray Dancer  
Jack Nagle Dancer  
David Newman Dancer  
Betty Nichols Dancer  
James O'Neill Finian McLonergan  
Albert Popwell Dancer  
Morty Rappe Singer  
Thomas Reider Singer  
Elayne Richards Honey Lou  
William Scully 4th Sharecropper  
Maude Simmons 3rd Sharecropper  
Larry Stewart 1st Sharecropper  
Gene Tobin Singer  
 4th Sharecropper  
Harry Townes Og  
Philip Truex Og  
Onna White Dancer  
Parker Wilson Dancer  
Eleanor Winter Tourist  
Nan Wynn Sharon McLonergan  
Louis Yetter 3rd Deputy  
Joe Yule Finian McLonergan  

Understudies: George Charles (1st Geologist), Charles J. Davis (1st Geologist, Og), James Grimes (Henry, Honey Lou), Sheila Guyse (5th Sharecropper), Brayton Lewis (Mr. Robust), Bertha Powell (3rd Sharecropper), Thomas Reider (1st Deputy, 1st Sharecropper, 2nd Sharecropper, Mr. Shears), Philip Truex (Og).

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