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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

One Touch of Venus
Imperial Theatre, 249 W. 45th St., New York, NY
46th Street Theatre, 226 W. 46th St., New York, NY

Imperial Theatre (10/7/1943 - 1/24/1944)
46th Street Theatre (1/26/1944 - 2/10/1945)
Theatre Owned / Operated by The Shubert Organization.


Diana Adams Dancing Ensemble  
Anita Alvarez Premiere Danseuse  
Ben Cutler Rodney Hatch  
Arthur Davies Police Lieutenant  
Dolores Goodman Dancing Ensemble  
Phillip Gordon Sam  
Diana Gray Singing Ensemble  
Ray Harrison Dancing Ensemble  
Marion Kohler Singing Ensemble  
Welland Lathrop Dancing Ensemble  
Jack Mann Taxi Black  
Regis Powers Dancing Ensemble  
Mack Shanks Dancing Ensemble  
Edward Ubell Stanley  
Frank Westbrook Dancing Ensemble  
Lester Wolf Singing Ensemble  

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