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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

Eugene O'Neill Theatre, 230 W. 49th St., New York, NY

Eugene O'Neill Theatre (4/10/2003 - 12/14/2003)
Company Manager: Nichole Larson; Executive Producer: Sydney Davolos.

Conducted by Gregory J. Dlugos; Associate Conductor: Matthew Sklar; Violin II: Conrad Harris.


Farah Alvin Olga von Sturm  
Christine Arand Maria  
Nikki Renée Daniels Renata  
Evan Daves Guido at an early age Alternate  
Sara Gettelfinger Carla (Oct 7, 2003 - ?) 
Jacqueline Hendy Our Lady of the Spa (Jun 24, 2003 - ?) 
Eartha Kitt Liliane La Fleur (Oct 7, 2003 - ?) 
Rebecca Luker Claudia (Sep 2, 2003 - ?) 
Daniel Manche Guido at an early age Alternate  
Marni Nixon Guido's Mother (Oct 7, 2003 - ?) 
John Stamos Guido Contini (Oct 7, 2003 - ?) 

Swing: Leslie Becker.

Understudies: Farah Alvin (Saraghina), Stephanie Bast (Claudia), Leslie Becker (Guido's Mother, Liliane La Fleur, Stephanie Necrophorus), Rachel deBenedet (Luisa Contini, Our Lady of the Spa), Rona Figueroa (Carla), Kristin Marks (Saraghina), Kathy Voytko (Claudia).

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