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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

Gershwin Theatre, 222 W. 51st St., New York, NY

Gershwin Theatre (3/21/2002 - 2/23/2003)
Stage Manager: Kimberly Russell; Production Stage Manager: Beverly Jenkins(Jul 2, 2002-Feb 23, 2003); Production Supervisor: Fred Hanson.

Assistant Conductor: Annbritt duChateau(circa. 2003-Feb 23, 2003); Keyboards: Annbritt duChateau(circa. 2003-Feb 23, 2003).

Promotions: Hugh Hysell Communications(Jan 1, 2003-Feb 23, 2003).


Cameron Adams Rosie  
Amy Bodnar Laurey (Feb 18, 2003 - ?) 
Enrique Brown Jess  
Stephen R. Buntrock Curly (Nov 19, 2002 - ?) 
Patty Duke Aunt Eller (Dec 14, 2002 - ?) 
Jennifer Dunne Lucy  
Merwin Foard Jud Fry (Jan 7, 2003 - ?) 
Angela Gaylor Sylvie  
Laura Griffith Aggie  
John Jellison Ike Skidmore  
Aaron Lazar Joe  
Audrie Neenan Aunt Eller (Nov 26, 2002-Dec 13, 2002) 
Janelle A. Robinson Ellen  
Tom Sardinia Chalmers  
P. J. Verhoest Travis  

Swings: Tom Flagg, Tyler Hanes Broadway debut, Sarah Jayne Jensen.

Understudies: Stephen R. Buntrock (Ike Skidmore), Tom Flagg (Andrew Carnes, Ike Skidmore), Aaron Lazar (Curly), Michael X. Martin (Andrew Carnes), Laura Shoop Broadway debut (Ado Annie Carnes), Ginger Thatcher (Aunt Eller).

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