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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

Ziegfeld Follies of 1943
Winter Garden Theatre, 1634 Broadway (At W. 50th St.), New York, NY
Imperial Theatre, 249 W. 45th St., New York, NY

Winter Garden Theatre (4/1/1943 - 1/25/1944)

Norma Amigo Ziegfeld Follies Show Girl  
Ray Arnett "Prologue" Performer  
Christine Ayres Gertrude Olsen
Katherine Balfour Ziegfeld Follies Show Girl  
Mary Alice Bigham Ziegfeld Follies Show Girl  
Dorothy Blaine Ziegfeld Follies Dancing Girl  
Eric Blore "Hold That Smile" Dancer  
 Don Jose
Carmen in Zoot 
Good God Godfrey 
Once a Butler 
George Bochman The Groom
The Wedding of a Solid Sender 
Jack Bucari Dancing Boy  
Jack Carter Dancing Boy  
Gwen Chandler Ziegfeld Follies Dancing Girl  
Irene Christie Ziegfeld Follies Show Girl  
Jack Collins "Prologue" Performer  
Dorothy DeMolina Ziegfeld Follies Dancing Girl  
Edward Hackett Dancing Boy  
Jay Martin "Come Up and Have a Cup of Coffee" Singer  
 "This Is It" Singer  
Sara Ann McCabe "Hindu Serenade" Singer  
 "Love Songs are Made in the Night" Singer  
Carmen in Zoot 
Roy Renard Another Character  
Sue Ryan "Hold That Smile" Dancer  
Fredi Sears Ziegfeld Follies Show Girl  
Eileen Shirley "Come Up and Have a Cup of Coffee" Dancer  
 "Prologue" Performer  
 "This Is It" Dancer  
Sam Steen Dancing Boy  
Charlene Tucker Ziegfeld Follies Dancing Girl  
Lillian Wells Ziegfeld Follies Dancing Girl  
Brett Woods Dancing Boy  

Imperial Theatre (1/25/1944 - 7/22/1944)
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