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The following people are credited as replacements or additions if they were not credited on opening night.

The Music Man
Neil Simon Theatre, 250 W. 52nd St., New York, NY

Neil Simon Theatre (4/27/2000 - 12/30/2001)
Assistant Co. Mgr: Matthew Aibel(Apr 3, 2001 - ?), Robert Pullen(Jun 2000-Apr 2001).

Stage Manager: Kim Vernace(Oct 2000 - ?).

Woodwinds: Jonathan Levine; Associate Conductor: Joel Fram; Piano: Joel Fram; Woodwinds: Eddie Matthews.

Dance Captain: Carolyn Ockert-Haythe(Oct 23, 2001-Dec 30, 2001).


Cameron Adams Zaneeta Shinn  
Joel Blum Marcellus Washburn  
Andrew Boyer Charlie Cowell  
Bruce Dow Jacey Squires
Lindsay Dunn
Broadway debut 
Resident of River City  
Mitchel Federan
Broadway debut 
Resident of River City  
Ruth Gottschall Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn  
Manuel Herrera Tommy Djilas  
Suzanne Hevner
Broadway debut 
Resident of River City  
Christine Toy Johnson Ethel Toffelmier (Nov 21, 2001 - ?) 
Nancy Johnston Mrs. Squires  
Kenneth Kimmins Mayor Shinn  
Robert Sean Leonard Harold Hill (Aug 7, 2001 - ?) 
Eric McCormack Harold Hill (May 8, 2001-Aug 5, 2001) 
Mark Moreau Traveling Salesman  
Tina Ou Resident of River City  
Tiler Peck
Broadway debut 
Gracie Shinn  
Alice Rietveld Resident of River City  
Ric Ryder Conductor  
Malika Samuel
Broadway debut 
Jennifer Tangjerd
Broadway debut 
Resident of River City  
William Ullrich Winthrop Paroo  
Tommar Wilson Traveling Salesman  

Swing: Carolyn Ockert-Haythe.

Understudy: Dirk Lumbard (Harold Hill).

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