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Miss 1917 (11/05/1917 - 01/05/1918)
Song List  
The Mosquitos Frolic
(music by Victor Herbert)
The Society Farmerettes
(music by Victor Herbert)
(We're) Crooks
(music by Jerome Kern)
Papa Would Persist in Picking Peaches
(music by Jerome Kern)
A Dancing M.D.
(music by Jerome Kern)
That's the Picture I Want to See
(music by Jerome Kern)
The Honor System
(music by Jerome Kern)
Good-bye Broadway (from PASSING SHOW OF 1917)
(music by Billy Baskette; lyrics by Benny Davis and C. Francis Reisner)
(I'm) The Old Man in the Moon
(music by Jerome Kern)
The Land Where Good Songs Go
(music by Jerome Kern)
Follow On (from THE BELLE OF NEW YORK)
(music by Gustav Kerker; lyrics by Hugh Morton)
In the Good Old Summertime (from THE DEFENDER)
(music by George Evans; lyrics by Ren Shields)
Dinah (from HURLY-BURLY)
(music by John Stromberg; lyrics by Edgar Smith and Harry B. Smith)
Under the Bamboo Tree (from SALLY IN OUR ALLEY)
(music by Bob Cole and J. Rosamond Johnson; lyrics by Bob Cole and J. Rosamond Johnson)
(The) Yama Yama (Man) (from THREE TWINS)
(music by Karl Hoschna; lyrics by Otto Harbach)
Sammy (from THE WIZARD OF OZ)
(music by Edward Hutchinson; lyrics by James O'Dea)
Kiss Me Again (from MLLE. MODISTE)
(music by Victor Herbert; lyrics by Henry Blossom)
(Be My Little Baby) Bumble Bee (from ZIEGFELD FOLLIES OF 1911)
(music by Henry I. Marshall; lyrics by Stanley Murphy)
March of the Toys (from BABES IN TOYLAND)
(music by Victor Herbert)
Toy Clog Dance
(music by Jerome Kern)
Song List  
We Want to Laugh
(music by Jerome Kern)
A Dancing Courtship  
Who's Zoo in Girl Land
(music by Jerome Kern)
Midnight in Dreamy Spain
(music by Joseph McCarthy, Gus Van and Joseph Schenck; lyrics by Joseph McCarthy, Gus Van and Joseph Schenck)
Oh What a Beautiful Baby
(music by Harry Tierney; lyrics by Stanley Murphy)
The Palm Beach Girl
(music by Jerome Kern)